San Francisco Business Times: “Everything you wanted to know about affordable housing”

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November 9, 2017
Statements from Affordable Housing Leaders after Passing of San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee
December 12, 2017

Via the San Francisco Business Times’ housing podcast, reporter Blanca Torres shares some of what she learned during NPH’s 38th Annual Conference.

“The Non-Profit Housing Association brought together non-profit developers from throughout the state of California  — more than 800 people gathered in San Francisco for this conference. They had a keynote speaker who was talking about the need to change the narrative about affordable housing…. Some people see housing as a reward for hard work and effort and whatever job you choose to have. And that, I think, is flawed thinking. And that’s a perspective I got from this conference: that housing is a base. If you have stable housing, you will succeed in other areas of your life, versus it being the other way around. And as a society, do we want less crime, do we want less homeless people in  our cities, do we want to reduce these societal ills? Starting with stable housing is a way to do that.”  (starts ~minute 46:30)


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