Santa Clara County proposes bond measure for affordable homes

Amie Fishman at the SV@Home Policy Breakfast:
May 17, 2016
VTA Board of Directors Adopts a Strong Affordable Housing Policy
May 18, 2016

Deep community concern about homelessness and housing affordability for hard-working families is driving Santa Clara County Supervisors to propose a substantial investment in affordable homes.


Over the past year, NPH and our sub-regional partner, SV@Home, have actively explored ballot measures for new revenue sources. In February, we met with Supervisor Cindy Chavez to ask her advice and support.


In March, Santa Clara County commissioned a survey by EMC Research’s Ruth Bernstein, the pollster engaged in recent San Francisco and Alameda polling, that showed voters’ concern about housing rose above transportation, education, safety and jobs.


In April, Supervisors began to consider a $750 million affordable housing bond consistent with the County’s mission to strengthen the social safety net, provide for people experiencing homelessness and align with efforts to improve health outcomes for extremely and very low income residents.


Santa Clara County has more than 1.2 million voters. The recent survey reached 800 voters in English, Spanish, Vietnamese and Chinese, and showed support at the 2/3 supermajority required. Voters emphasized:


  • Housing for veterans (91%),
  • Housing for seniors and people with disabilities (92%),
  • Affordable homes for low-income families (85%),
  • Housing and services for people experiencing homelessness (84%).


Read more poll results here.


“We are deeply grateful for the leadership of Santa Clara Supervisors and prepared to work hard on the campaign,” said Amie Fishman. “We have great messages and narratives that highlight how our work meets voters’ aspirations and expectations. NPH and SV@Home members’ track record positions us well for success.”


If you are interested in supporting a Santa Clara County affordable housing measure, please contact