Governor has until 10/13 to sign critical housing bills; NPH weighs in on Trump (NPH E-News)
October 2, 2019
The Davis Vanguard: Gov. Newsom Signs SB 330, ‘Housing Crisis Act of 2019’
October 12, 2019

“As Governor Newsom concluded his rent and housing bill signatory tour today, the Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California is proud to recognize that critical NPH priority bills have been signed into law, bringing forward solutions and new investments for our seniors, veterans, low-income families, workers, and other vulnerable communities members in the Bay Area and around the state.

Each of these bills are significant on their own, but what they mean together may be even more powerful: This package of bills represents a new approach to affordable housing and housing justice and marks an evolution in how our communities, coalitions, legislative leaders, and executive administration work together to create solutions for all Californians, no matter their race or income. 

This is more than an observation on process. This is a signal of new beginnings for housing justice in California. This year’s housing bills work together in a new, comprehensive strategy to prioritize affordable housing production, preservation, and tenant protections together. This approach will both address our region and state’s critical needs now, as well as set into motion policies and investments that create healthy, affordable, thriving communities for our future. 

AB 1482 creates the largest expansion of tenant protections nation-wide, offering immediate relief to California renters and protecting families from outrageous rent increases and unfair evictions. AB 1486 ensure that we are using our public lands for the public good, such as repurposing unused parking lots for affordable homes or open space. AB 1487 authorizes the Bay Area to develop regional programs and investments so our region can offer a strategic, comprehensive response to our regional housing needs. These – and many other bills – set the stage so our region and state can plan and act for today, tomorrow, and the next generation.

We’re honored to have been part of this process and remain invested in the new framework that acknowledges that we have to evolve and ramp up our strategies and solutions. For 2020, we’ll be fighting to move forward critical solutions at the state-level, such as SB 50 to support more affordable home options and opportunities and AB 10 to increase investments for affordable housing and our communities, as well as advance a Bay Area regional ballot measure through the opportunity afforded under AB 1487. Right now, it’s time for big, bold solutions for housing. This session was a great first step.”


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