Support Letters Needed for NPH-sponsored AB 2031!

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March 2, 2016
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March 3, 2016
NPH needs your voice!
We are currently working on legislation with Assemblymember Rob Bonta (D-Oakland) that would authorize local jurisdictions to issue affordable housing bonds against the revenue stream of “boomerang funds” which are a portion of “net available revenue” received by cities and counties from the Redevelopment Property Tax Trust Fund (RPTTF) after the dissolution of redevelopment. The bill does not redirect property taxes from any other taxing entity and has no state general fund impact. NPH and the City of Oakland are cosponsors of the legislation. For more information, view the brief AB 2031 fact sheet and the City of Oakland’s sponsorship/support letter.
Please submit a support letter to Assemblymember Bonta’s office as soon as possible. Click here for a template support letter – please customize and place on your letterhead.
Please email your support letters to:
Thank you so much for your help!