The Hill: “Tech firms face skepticism over California housing response”

Commentary: “Apple’s $2.5B Housing Pledge Is Not A PR Slam Dunk”
November 5, 2019
Big Tech takes big steps for affordable housing (NPH E-News)
November 13, 2019

“[The tech industry needs] to do more than throw money at the problem.

“‘They really need to continue talking to people because the terms of these dollars are going to be critically important,’ [Gloria Bruce, EBHO] added. ‘Capital is not actually always the biggest challenge with building affordable housing…’

“’We need tech to partner with us, to lift up the work the community is doing and lift up the expertise of the community,’ said Amie Fishman, executive director of the Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California. But she also argued that the companies ‘have to work with the experts and the advocates who have been doing the hard work for decades.'”

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