NPH Priority Bill 2017: Affordable Housing Bond Act

July 17, 2017
NPH Priority Bill 2017: Building Homes and Jobs Act
August 1, 2017

Bay Area voters stepped up for affordable housing funding in November 2016 in a big way. Now, the state must do its part too. NPH state priority bills will create more safe, affordable housing opportunities and options in the Bay and beyond. View the full NPH Affordable Housing Action Center here or read on for our bill spotlight: Affordable Housing Bond Act (SB 3: Beall.)

Spotlight: Affordable Housing Bond Act 



The Affordable Housing Bond Act (SB 3) was introduced by Senator Beall (D-South Bay/Silicon Valley) as part of the State Senate’s “California Rebuild” for the 2017 legislative session.

SB 3 is part of the Housing Package announced in the summer by the Governor and Legislative Leadership and is a critical affordable housing funding measure for the Bay Area and our state.

SB 3 will give voters the opportunity to pass a statewide general obligation bond for affordable housing at the November 2018 ballot to fund existing critical and successful affordable housing programs in California. Polling shows that voters support increasing SB 3’s investment in our communities, with a $6 – $9 billion bond.

The Affordable Housing Bond Act will:

  • Fund affordable housing for low-income families who are at risk of experiencing homelessness.
  • Create homeownership opportunities for low- and moderate-income earners so that our teachers, medical assistants, police officers and firefighters can remain in our communities.
  • Similar to Props 46 and 1C, which previously provided $5 billion worth of state investment in affordable housing, SB 3 can successfully create urgently needed housing opportunities across the state.

How SB 3 Works

SB 3 will allow voters to authorize an affordable housing bond at the November 2018 ballot to create more affordable housing across the state. The programs in this bond specifically fund construction, rehabilitation, and preservation of housing for those at risk of or currently experiencing homelessness and low-income earners, as well as create more homeownership opportunities for low and moderate-income earners.


Why SB 3 is the Right Solution

SB 3 is an excellent investment in California’s future. For every $.70 of state investment, California can leverage $3 in federal funds. Together, these funds can provide*:

  • Tens of thousands of affordable housing opportunities and options for Californian families and working people
  • 147,000 jobs
  • More than $9 billion in construction income
  • $24.5 billion in economic activity
  • $1.1 billion in additional local and state taxes & fee revenue

* Based on a $3 billion bond. In August, voters expressed overwhelming for increasing SB 3’s bond investment to $6-$9 billion, to maximize opportunities and create even more affordable housing for our com

As demonstrated through Prop 46 and Prop 1C and the 183,000 homes they created, this bond will have a real and lasting impact on the housing shortage. Through this bond, the State of California can show the same resolve as Bay Area voters who prioritized affordable homes in the 2016 elections and collectively raised over $2 billion worth of affordable housing investments locally.


What You Can Do to Support SB 2

  • Click here to tell your Assemblymember to vote YES on SB 3 as part of the housing package!
  • Your organization can endorse or share your support for Affordable Housing by sending a letter of support for SB 3 to Senator Beall. NPH’s sample letter can get you started: Click here to download (.doc)
  • Join NPH’s Legislative Issues Working group and working in coalition to support affordable housing solutions. Email Policy Director Michael Lane at for more information.


Click here for the current status of SB 3.

Click here to download our SB 3 Fact Sheet.

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