NPH Priority Bill 2017: Building Homes and Jobs Act

NPH Priority Bill 2017: Affordable Housing Bond Act
August 1, 2017
Oakland Magazine: “A Better Housing Plan”
August 22, 2017

Bay Area voters stepped up for affordable housing funding in November 2016 in a big way. Now, the state must do its part too. NPH state priority bills will create more safe, affordable housing opportunities and options in the Bay and beyond. View the full NPH Affordable Housing Action Center here or read on for our bill spotlight: Building Homes and Jobs Act (SB 2: Atkins.)

Spotlight: Building Homes and Jobs Act 


The Building Homes and Jobs Act (SB 2) was introduced by Senator Atkins (D-San Diego) as part of the State Senate’s “California Rebuild” Infrastructure Proposals for the 2017 legislative session to establish a permanent source of funding for affordable housing.

SB 2 is part of the Housing Package announced in the summer by the Governor and Legislative Leadership and is a critical affordable housing funding measure for the Bay Area and our state.

Our state urgently needs the jobs and affordable places to live that this important legislation will generate.

The Building Homes and Jobs Act will:

  • Build safe and affordable apartments and single-family homes for Californians in need, including families, seniors, veterans, people with disabilities, and people experiencing homelessness.
  • Generate hundreds of millions of dollars in state investment and leverage significant additional funding in federal, local, and private investment.
  • Create an estimated 29,000 jobs annually for every $500 million spent on affordable housing, primarily in the beleaguered construction sector.
  • Deploy these dollars throughout California using a successful private/public partnership model, creating jobs and generating revenue for local governments.
  • Help businesses attract and retain the talent that fuels California’s economy.

How SB 2 Works

The Building Homes and Jobs Act establishes an ongoing funding source that helps the state live within its means by imposing a $75 fee on real estate transaction documents, excluding residential and commercial property sales. It increases California’s supply of affordable homes, creates jobs, and spurs economic growth without incurring additional debt.

Why SB 2 is the Right Solution

Increased and ongoing funding for affordable housing is critical to stabilize our state’s housing development and construction marketplace. 


The Building Homes and Jobs Act will utilize a pay-as-you-go approach and generate hundreds of millions of dollars annually for affordable housing. 50% of collected fees will be distributed directly to local governments to address local needs. The remainder will be allocated by the state on a competitive basis, with funding commitments including affordable homeownership opportunities for working families, affordable housing options for our rural families and farmworkers, and more.

What You Can Do to Support SB 2

  • Click here to tell your Assemblymember to vote YES on SB 2 as part of the housing package!
  • Show your support for Affordable Housing by sending a letter of support for SB 2 to Senator Atkins. NPH’s sample letter can get you started: Click here to download (.doc)
  • Join NPH’s Legislative Issues Working group and work in coalition to support affordable housing solutions. Email Policy Director Michael Lane at for more information.


Click here for the current status of SB 2.

Click here to download NPH’s SB 2 Fact Sheet.

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