Ready to Hit the Ground Running, Skilled to Effect Real Change

To nurture the next generation of skilled leaders in our industry and ensure that our interns have the most in-demand skills in housing development and leadership, we work directly with NPH member host agencies to design learning plans targeting five key areas:

  1. Financial pro forma
  2. Project approval process
  3. Loan closings
  4. Development finance applications
  5. Leadership development

Host agencies identify the best concrete projects and activities that ensure interns will gain competency in all five areas identified above.

BAHIP’s leadership development component is precisely what distinguishes it from typical internships. Interns are continuously exposed to designed opportunities to gain insights beyond that of entry-level staff — from attending meetings with executive leadership to shadowing them in their daily tasks. Interns are also encouraged to meet with leaders across the organization to learn more about the work they do and to help them develop their own interest in the affordable housing sector — thereby preparing them to effect real change as leaders themselves.

As part of the program year, the interns create a portfolio of their work in the five competency areas. Check out their work below!