In addition to NPH’s ongoing policy, advocacy, capacity building, and public education work, we also undertake targeted, focused campaigns designed to produce tangible results to increase investment in affordable homes across the Bay Area.

NPH has a strong record of success initiating, supporting, and passing affordable housing measures and we’re proud to continue building momentum through our work with the NPH Action Fund. We have been hard at work in many cities, counties, and at the state level, working to support our mission to ensure that everyone has access to a safe, stable, affordable home. 

We provide research, policy analysis, and expertise accrued from our prior electoral successes in order to help affordable housing secure placement at the ballot and give voters the ability to take action.

We look forward look to working together with you in 2020 to drive success for affordable housing and our communities!

Want to get involved?

Engage with NPH electoral campaigns by visiting the NPH Action Fund 

Advocacy and Community Engagement Director JR Starrett can be reached at