March 5, 2019

Understanding your Construction Lender: The insider’s perspective on how your project will be evaluated

Join ELPN on April 8th for an insider’s peak on how credit committees look at deals and why they ask the questions they do of developers and other members of the team. Have you ever wondered any of the following: “Why is my lender asking me all these pesky questions about my project before close?” “My project has a massive proposed change order, how am I going to break this news gently to the bank…” “My 9% application is due…
September 16, 2019

ELPN: Title & Escrow 101

Join the Emerging Peer Leaders Network (ELPN) as they delve into the exciting world of title and escrow! These are crucial parts of every deal, concerning the property rights and interests and the transfer of funds and documents during a real estate transaction. Whether you’ve never seen a preliminary title report (PTR) or are a closing whiz but could use a refresher, this training will help you identify red flags and navigate closings with ease. We will cover how to…
April 20, 2020

COVID-19 and Affordable Housing in California: Lenders and Investors Respond

Join NPH and CHPC on Thursday, April 30 (3pm - 4:30pm) for a moderated panel of lenders and investors active in the California affordable housing market as we discuss how these organizations are collaborating with developers and operators to address these new challenges.