california budget

January 12, 2023

NPH’s 2023-2024 Budget Proposal Analysis

Governor Newsom’s budget proposal preserves existing affordable housing rental funds, but deeper investments needed amidst economic recession.
June 30, 2023

Final Budget Maintains Prior Housing Commitments with Additional Investments, Emphasizes Need for Deeper Strategy Ahead

The state’s housing shortage is exactly the critical environment that required us to remain steadfast with our investment commitments in the final state budget.
January 16, 2024

State Budget Emphasizes Need for Legislative and Electoral Solutions Ahead

Budget shortfall signals a need for reinvigorated approach toward long-term affordable housing solutions
May 15, 2024

Governor’s May Revise Emphasizes Critical Need for Ongoing Advocacy for Long-Term Affordable Housing Solutions

Governor Newsom has released his May Revise to the 2024-25 state budget proposal, which shows a growing state deficit and some cuts to affordable housing programs.