October 12, 2016

The State of Housing Policy at the State

Join SPUR to hear from the new head of the state’s Department of Housing and Community Development, Ben Metcalf, about what’s happening with housing at the state level and what impacts it may have across California. Co-presented by the Center for Creative Land Recycling and SFHAC.   Event Info
October 12, 2016

Housing the Next 100,000

Join SPUR for the third program in Domestic Affairs, a design-research series undertaken by The Urban Works Agency at CCA, as we examine new models of housing and density that could make San Francisco affordable through design. Co-presented by California College of the Arts.   Event Info
November 1, 2016

Development Without Displacement

Join SPUR November 15th for a discussion around preserving the Tenderloin community of San Francisco in midst of growing interests from market-rate housing developers, high-end restaurants and short-term vacation rentals.   More Info
February 28, 2017

SPUR: Addressing Homelessness With Homes

The region’s out-of-control housing market affects everyone, but it impacts those who are currently homeless most of all, and agencies and organizations continue to search for new models to provide a home for everyone. Santa Clara County’s Measure A, which passed in 2016, will allocate funding to help build affordable housing, while other groups are experimenting with solutions like tiny homes and permanent supportive housing. Join SPUR to learn how these groups are working to house the homeless.   More information…