May 12, 2015

Homes + Health: The Vital Connection: Affordable Housing and Healthy Communities

Studies show that access to safe, decent, healthy and affordable homes can have an impact on the health outcomes of occupants by reducing exposure to environmental toxins and/or by freeing up financial resources to pay for healthcare services or purchase more nutritious food. Click here to view “The Vital Connection: Affordable Housing and Healthy Communities,” a White Paper published by Jamboree Housing Corporation in Irvine, CA, which dives deeper into this important topic.
June 23, 2015


KEY PRESCRIPTION FOR IMPROVED HEALTH By Steven Shum, CSH   Taking advantage of health reform, Bay Area communities are integrating healthcare efforts with affordable homes to better serve the most vulnerable individuals. The Corporation for Supportive Housing (CSH) organized May’s Brown Bag on Health and Housing – highlighting new opportunities with Medi-Cal funding for supportive housing targeted to chronically homeless individuals and frequent users of crisis services. CSH trumpeted recent developments with California’s plan to implement the Health Homes option under the Affordable Care Act and the State’s submission…
April 4, 2016

Housing As A Health Care Investment

Affordable Housing Supports Children’s Health
November 1, 2016

Housing as Health Care: A Road Map for States

The National Governors Association (NGA) has recognized that housing can improve health outcomes and reduce costs to health care programs.