May 12, 2015

Policy Primer: Navigating the State Budget Process

We hope this infographic is a helpful tool for you and your organization as you navigate the State Budget Process. Read more here.  
May 12, 2015

Policy Primer: The Life Cycle of Legislation

We found this infographic on the Life Cycle of Legislation to be a helpful tool for new staff members and those wanting to understand more about the political process.  
September 8, 2015

Building HOMES: A Policy Maker’s Toolbox for Ending Homelessness

Our partners at the Sonoma County Community Development Commission recently released Building HOMES, a Policy Maker’s Toolbox for Ending Homelessness. This toolkit provides an understanding of the needs and opportunities to end homelessness in Sonoma County by 2025, by reviewing proven strategies, proposing new initiatives and acknowledging the hard choices, substantial investments and committed action that will be required.   For those of you outside of Sonoma county, read through the executive summary and pull out elements and solutions that relate to your…
November 4, 2016

NPH ED Amie Fishman Speaks at SIEPR Policy Forum

NPH Executive Director Amie Fishman spoke this month at the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research policy forum. The topic of her session, "Gentrification: Can Policy be the Key to Affordable Housing", dug more deeply into how inequality and the cumulative effects of government policies have exacerbated the housing crisis now facing the nation, and the Bay Area.