April 4, 2016

35,785 Affordable Homes in California At-Risk of Conversion

CHPC Report Shows Nearly 36,000 Affordable Homes Are At Risk Due to Expiring HUD Rent Subsidies and Maturing Mortgages
September 2, 2016

How Housing Matters 2016

Hosted by the National Housing Conference in partnership with the Urban Institute, HUD’s office of Policy Development & Research and the Terwilliger Center for Housing at the Urban Land Institute, How Housing Matters brings together practitioners from different sectors to explore ways in which housing is a platform for achieving positive outcomes in health, education, and economic opportunity. Through a day of plenary sessions, discussion panels and networking, this year’s conference will focus on breaking down barriers between the housing,…
February 14, 2017

NPH Brown Bag: Fair Housing – Affirmatively Further Fair Housing and Site Selection

Fair Housing: Affirmatively Further Fair Housing and Site Selection    Last year the U. S. Supreme Court issued a ruling that the Federal Fair Housing Act included claims based on disparate impact and HUD released its new Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Rules. These two actions taken together have the potential to change how siting decisions for affordable housing are made. With changes in the administration, this Brown Bag will discuss issues regarding the future of AFFH Regulations and how public…