May 12, 2015

Policy Primer: Navigating the State Budget Process

We hope this infographic is a helpful tool for you and your organization as you navigate the State Budget Process. Read more here.  
May 12, 2015

Policy Primer: The Life Cycle of Legislation

We found this infographic on the Life Cycle of Legislation to be a helpful tool for new staff members and those wanting to understand more about the political process.  
March 8, 2016

CCRH’s 40th Anniversary Reception

Join the California Coalition for Rural Housing as they celebrate their 40th year at a special evening event.
April 4, 2016

35,785 Affordable Homes in California At-Risk of Conversion

CHPC Report Shows Nearly 36,000 Affordable Homes Are At Risk Due to Expiring HUD Rent Subsidies and Maturing Mortgages