NPH Action

August 26, 2016

3…2…1… Launch! Join NPH at Campaign Kickoffs

With Labor Day around the corner, the official campaign season kicks off and three campaigns NPH has supported invite you to be a part of their success this fall. Join campaign efforts in your community and link up with NPH Action Fund, EBHO, HLC, and SV@Home to win!
October 5, 2016

Are You Ready to Vote for Housing?

If you attended the NPH Conference, you heard loud and clear from our partners in local government – major re-investments in affordable homes are on the November 8 ballot, but we won’t win without your leadership.
October 18, 2016

Ballots Have Mailed — Have You Talked to Voters?

Affordable housing volunteers are stepping up for our campaigns in a big way! Your work is making a difference – our contact rate is strong and the response is positive. We just need to turn up the volume!