June 23, 2015

Housing + Transit

WHAT DO TRANSIT AGENCIES NEED, WHAT CAN THEY DO, FOR EQUITABLE TOD? By Linda Wheaton, HCD NPH’s June Brown Bag Workshop, presented by Linda Wheaton from HCD, Heather Hood of Enterprise, Abby Thorne-Lyman of BART, and Nathan Landau of AC Transit highlighted that ridership and revenue are top transit agency priorities. Affordable housing is a studied means to increase ridership. Examples of stakeholder-identified needs prioritize the customer experience with service integration, bus rapid transit, pedestrian & bicycle access improvements, transit-oriented development (TOD) and passenger information systems. Panelists noted the Federal Transit Administration’s New Starts program includes provisions in both the land use and…
October 5, 2016

Review Session: Proposed Changes to UMRs

HCD has proposed changes to the Uniform Multifamily Regulations (UMRs), which govern certain aspects of a number of HCD programs including the Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities Program (AHSC). Join NPH Friday, October 21st to review and discuss the proposed changes.  Please RSVP to info@nonprofithousing.org
October 12, 2016

The State of Housing Policy at the State

Join SPUR to hear from the new head of the state’s Department of Housing and Community Development, Ben Metcalf, about what’s happening with housing at the state level and what impacts it may have across California. Co-presented by the Center for Creative Land Recycling and SFHAC.   Event Info
October 17, 2016

HCD Consolidated Schedule of Rental Income (SRI) Workshop

Intended Audience: Sponsors, Property Managers and Asset Managers of HCD-funded multifamily rental developments.   HCD has recently released a new Schedule of Rental Income (SRI) form. All SRIs due November 1, 2016 or later must be completed on this new form. Join NPH and HCD October 24th for a special workshop to review this new form. HCD will go through a live demonstration of filling out the form and will answer any questions you have!   More Info