property management

August 12, 2016

ELPN Training: Resiliency, Emergency Management, and Rebuilding After the Fire (Franciscan Towers)

Join TNDC staff for an afternoon talk and tour of Franciscan Towers, a recently re-opened 105-unit affordable housing building which partially burned down in 2011. TNDC property management, services, and housing development staff will discuss the organization’s rapid response to the fire, collaborative approach to rehabilitation, and lessons learned on resiliency and emergency management planning. The talk will be followed by a tour of the rehabilitated building. The event will focus on the collaborative nature of emergency management across all…
May 12, 2017

Asset Management/Property Management Stewardship Group

Join ELPN and SF Bay Asset Management Group May 18th for the first Asset/Property Management Stewardship Group convening. AM/PM Stewardship Group is an attempt to form an ongoing working group to focus on issues that affect property management and asset management. The group hopes to foster more effective working relationships between the two divisions. The group will discuss the difference between asset management and property management, duties of each at different companies, how they work to address regulatory obligations, handling delivery of…