affordable housing

January 26, 2016

PCY HousEd Summit

Partnership for Children and Youth's 2016 HousEd Summit gives service providers, coordinators, directors, community-based organizations and agencies the tools they need to create high-quality expanded learning services for children and youth living in public and affordable housing.
October 12, 2016

Housing the Next 100,000

Join SPUR for the third program in Domestic Affairs, a design-research series undertaken by The Urban Works Agency at CCA, as we examine new models of housing and density that could make San Francisco affordable through design. Co-presented by California College of the Arts.   Event Info
February 28, 2017

Affordable Housing 101

How is affordable housing funded today and why is that important? Join EBHO to learn about the current landscape of affordable housing and how it impacts you as a tenant.   For more information and to RSVP contact Adlemy Garcia at or Najla Gomez at
March 6, 2017

“Our California values are about thriving, diverse, inclusive communities”

“NPH and all of us here believe in a Bay Area, believe in a California and a nation where everyone deserves a safe, affordable place to call home. We can do something about that.” — Amie Fishman, March 2 press conference NPH Executive Director Amie Fishman joined Assemblymember David Chiu and other California lawmakers on Friday, March 2, to discuss the needs and opportunities for affordable housing for California during the 2017 legislative session. Speaking to the press, Amie acknowledged that…