amie fishman

October 19, 2016

Amie Fishman Quoted in the Christian Science Monitor

For those who get evicted or priced out of a neighborhood, she says, “you lose not just your home but your network, your support systems, the predictability of your life."
November 4, 2016

NPH ED Amie Fishman Speaks at SIEPR Policy Forum

NPH Executive Director Amie Fishman spoke this month at the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research policy forum. The topic of her session, "Gentrification: Can Policy be the Key to Affordable Housing", dug more deeply into how inequality and the cumulative effects of government policies have exacerbated the housing crisis now facing the nation, and the Bay Area.
March 6, 2017

“Our California values are about thriving, diverse, inclusive communities”

“NPH and all of us here believe in a Bay Area, believe in a California and a nation where everyone deserves a safe, affordable place to […]