inclusionary housing

April 19, 2016

Inclusionary Housing Bill Approved by State Assembly Committee

On Wednesday, April 13, the Assembly Committee on Local Government approved AB 2502 (Mullin and Chiu), a.k.a., the “Palmer Fix” bill, that would clarify that local jurisdictions may require, as a condition of approval, inclusion of affordable units in a multiple unit rental development. The legislation now moves to the Assembly Committee on Housing and Community Development. At the committee hearing, Patrick Heisinger with the City of San Jose provided strong testimony describing how critical inclusionary or mixed-income ordinances are…
May 18, 2016

VTA Board of Directors Adopts a Strong Affordable Housing Policy

On Thursday, April 7th, the VTA Board of Directors took action to adopt a strong Affordable Housing Policy (AHP) that will govern the disposition of VTA-owned land. This impactful policy will increase the stock of housing and affordable housing, and sets a positive example for other agencies to emulate.