January 20, 2022

San Francisco Public Press: How Build Back Better Bill’s Failure Could Hurt SF’s Most Vulnerable

San Francisco could lose out on hundreds of millions of dollars for rental aid and affordable housing construction with the expected collapse of the Build Back Better social spending and infrastructure bill. The White House touted the $1.75 trillion spending package as having the “single largest and most comprehensive investment in affordable housing in history,” with $150 billion in housing assistance for low-income tenants. Sen. Joe Manchin, the West Virginia Democrat, derailed the bill by refusing to provide the key…
January 12, 2022

Governor’s 2022-2023 Budget Proposal Analysis

NPH will continue to work diligently with our partners and allies to make sure that our lawmakers prioritize the future of our communities, so that families today and the next generation are protected and can thrive. Having a safe, stable, and affordable place to live is the foundation for this future.
November 12, 2021

The Community Advocacy and Voter Engagement (CAVE) certification program

The Community Advocacy and Voter Engagement (CAVE) certification program, offered to all resident staff of NPH member organizations, is a professional development opportunity that provides timely and impactful training on how to become and work as an advocate in your community. Participants gain skills in affordable housing advocacy and community engagement strategies as well as obtain a basic knowledge of housing policy topics.  Participants will walk away with: Knowledge of the history of affordable housing organizing in the Bay Area Digital…
October 26, 2021

California’s 2021 Legislative Session: End of Session Review

As we reflect back on the 2021 legislative session, we recognize the unusual challenges but also the many wins we achieved through the State Budget as well as many key bills signed into law. Please find NPH’s summary analysis of the state budget from the end of June here. Below is a summary of key bills signed into law. About NPH-Sponsored Bills: In May, AB 528 (Wicks) (Utilizing Tax Defaulted Properties for Affordable Housing), co-sponsored with the City of Oakland, was stalled in Assembly Appropriations. AB 1271 (Ting) (Surplus…